Time Will Tell

I’ve realized through the years that every person we encounter, every event in our lives has, unknowingly, the mission to guide us to needed change. Like guardian angels, some friendly and some not, they are the hands we need to hold as we cross the bridge to where we need to be.
Most of the times it takes me years to understand the purpose of a certain event or encounter in the storyline of my life… time will tell the reason why some things needed to come together and why others needed to fall apart… Like a Symphony, it will all make sense in a harmonious blend of sounds and events.

I was on my porch shaking dust out of my rugs when a voice said: “How is the porch holding?…I built it a long time ago…”. Surprised I looked down and saw an older gentleman and a lady. Five brothers and sisters were born and raised in my house and two of them,  brother and sister, came visit their childhood that day.

It was an emotional tour and my house was photographed in ways never done before.
I followed them around the house through the 3 apartment building holding a pen and a notebook and taking notes of all the stories of their childhood, this house and my neighborhood.

They explained to me that the first floor apartment, that I rent out to permanent tenants, used to be “Wilson’s Candy Store” when their family bought the house. Then in 1949 their father opened “Taylor’s Pharmacy”. The pharmacy door was right in the corner of the house with the number address 199. In the late 1970s the Pharmacy closed its doors, the corner door and the store front windows were removed… the space was transformed into an apartment that has been rented out to tenants since then under a different door number – 203.


Several months later I got home after work and found an envelope under the door…pictures from the past dropped by the lady that had visited my home several months before – In the pictures, my home in the 40’s and 50’s.


It has been now 1 year since I got these pictures. I have been holding to them dearly, wanting to display them in a meanfull way, but was not sure how.


In the last 3 years, as the “quality of life” in neighboring cities declines, also the tenants looking for an apartment to rent in my city changed too. In my experience, I realized that lately about 95% of the people looking for a new address are not looking for a better place to live… they are asked to move out from their previous address. They are NO LONGER WELCOMED, and so, they move on from apartment to apartment carrying with them their “troubled ways”! When I understood this “cycle” I told my husband I no longer wanted to rent to “permanent” tenants! I suggested renting the apartment as an Airbnb.

And so our Airbnb adventure starts here! The pictures I’ve been holding on to, finally found a home and a purpose for why they were handed out to me.

Welcome to “Taylor’s Pharmacy Guestshouse” apartment.


Pictures enlarged and framed… ready to hang.

As I fill this empty space, I’m taking simple steps to create a welcoming and fun home for my guests to enjoy as they browse through Southern New England.

I started with the kitchen. I removed the cabinet doors and changed the hardware to give it a more open and vintage feel to it. Before…






Vintage Pyrex

What’s next?… “Time will tell…” 😉


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