“Life is About Using the Whole Box of Crayons”


While camping, I couldn’t resist playing with my daughter’s color box…

I’m a perfectionist living a life filled with imperfections. I struggle with that.

I have been Tethered most of my life to this notion that my self worth is defined by my performance rather than my efforts.

But there isn’t enough hours in a day! Not enough free days in a week to achieve the results that would ease my soul… I have to accept that!

And so, everyday I remind myself, and learn, to Embrace the Chaos, to  Focus on the Process Instead of the Outcome… To appreciate the perfect little things in my so imperfect very full life.


My drawing of my daughter and I at Peter’s Pond Campground.

9 thoughts on ““Life is About Using the Whole Box of Crayons”

  1. Why does society in general hate and mock the perfectionists? They *deliberately* find fault and spend time searching for anything and everything to say, “See, you are not perfect.” And then they have the audacity to label the word ‘perfection’ as sinless! Poor you! Deep inside you must supress your deepest desire to put things in order, wipe the dust, straighten and stand up everything you pass over and over.

    My family is large. We adopted two kids besides our own three and now we have eighteen grandchildren. It is interesting to me to see those second generation children who automatically straighten the welcome mat as they enter the house. I love them to death! HUGS!

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