Rethink, Reuse, Reimagine… Go “Green Team”!

IIMG_1633n my daughter’s school, she has to do a book report every month…I don’t buy the books. I love books, but once you done reading it, its pages becomes clutter. I own several very special books but for the most of it, including for my daughter’s school work, we rent our books in our local public library. Sometimes our library does not carry the book we are looking for, but they will search for it online in other libraries and request it… and a few days later we’ll pick up the book. When my daughter is done with the book report, we return it to the library to be enjoyed by others, free of charge, and clutter.

I feel I do the same when it comes to clothes shopping. I don’t do much clothes shopping but when I need to do so I check our thrift store  sasver.


Next Wednesday my daughter’s school will host its annual “Field Day”. My daughter and her class will become the “Green Team”. She does not own any green t-shirt…neither last year’s shorts fit her anymore. So out we went to find a green t-shirt and a pair of shorts in “Savers” for “Field Day”. Whenever I plan to go to “Savers” I always go through our cabinets first in the look for clothes that no longer fit or stuff we no longer use… fill up a bag with it and drop it in the “Donations” bin at “Savers”. And then proceed with our shopping. We always find what we need in “Savers”.


…And you can’t beat the prices!

Washed with some Fels Naptha, softened with some vinegar… dried and ironed… now ready for new adventures and memories. “Go Green Team!!”


Eventually, one day, when my daughter outgrows this green t-shirt and this pair of shorts, these will return again to “Savers” into the donations bin. Like the books returned to the library, it will be passed on to other families in need of a green t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Rethink, Reuse, Reimagine… We all play a role in the “Green Team”.


5 thoughts on “Rethink, Reuse, Reimagine… Go “Green Team”!

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