“Go Green”… in Gold and Pink.


Trying to be more mindful with the foods we consume and the garbage/waste we produce becomes more difficult if you are not living on your own.

A smooth transition to a “greener” life when you are married to a 50-year-old and are a mother of a pre-teen 11-year-old… it’s challenging! But it is also even more important! I am not just changing my habits… I have to give tools to my husband to change his habits… I have to be an example to my daughter.

My daughter always likes to carry around a “fancy” plastic water bottle. She carries it to the computer desk, to her side table in the bedroom, to her school in the lunch box. But It broke beyond repair!! “Buy a new one” would’ve been our old habit. But let’s try something new.

Do you recognize that glass bottle?

It used to be a small Heinz Vinegar glass bottle. It fits perfectly in Amber’s lunch box…  it fits perfectly in her hand… and glass makes everything taste better. She really, really likes it, and is proud to carry it around and to school.


Amber moved to a new school two weeks ago… some notebooks from the old school could still be used, but we needed to buy a few more new notebooks. Amber’s old habits would make her choose notebooks with plastic hard covers, and golden/silver metallic spirals…but not this time. She has chosen completely biodegradable notebooks… and was proud of it.


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