Back in Harmony… All-One!


As I proceed with my learnings and efforts in a more mindful approach to food consumption and garbage production, obviously I started to feel restless  and in conflict with my self when shopping for personal/household cleaning products. I initially planned to tackle new “Personal Hygiene” and “Household Cleaning” routines at a later stage of the process/transformation (to avoid feeling overwhelmed with so many new routines)… But, to find Harmony with my self again, I had to adapt sooner than later!!!

Therefor, our family is now using a bar of “Dr. Bronner’s All-One Pure Castile Soap” for personal hygiene. Our collection of bottles and containers in the bathroom is reduced to one (1) bar… for hands, and body, and hair, and shaving. That’s it! I won’t even waste your time describing the amount of plastic containers that used to live in my porcelain tub before…

I am also using bar “Dr. Bronner’s All-One Pure Castile Soap” for household cleaning… Not the liquid version suggested by the company for household cleaning! I don’t want to acquire  more plastic containers! I was Avid and almost fearful to give it a try at washing dishes. But, OH WHAT A SURPRISE…!!


Filled the sink with warm water and dunk the soap bar for a couple of seconds… removed soap and started washing dishes and setting aside to be rinsed and stacked on the dish rack drainer (or just rub the bar in the damp face-cloth and start scrubbing and rinsing your dishes). All was sparkly squeaky clean! No odor or taste, no film or fogginess…! It’s marvelous!!!


This is how my kitchen sink looks now…


We also ditched, almost a year ago, the sponges and plastic puffs for scrubbing and  lathering for personal hygiene and with household cleaning. We now use many, many, face-clothes designated to different tasks, that are used and washed and used again, infinite times.

I can breathe better now… Peace again!

The yellow soap in the picture…?? That’s my “Fels-Naptha” laundry soap.  Yes, I also removed the plastic containers out of our laundry routine… but that is material for another post, another day….

Have a marvelous week!!


8 thoughts on “Back in Harmony… All-One!

    • Awww… You are very welcome. 🙂 I just fill the sink with warm water and dunk the soap bar for a couple of seconds… remove soap and start washing dishes and setting aside to be rinsed and stacked on the dish rack drainer. Loved it!!! 🙂

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  1. Now you have done it… you have me thinking about reducing my plastic… there is too much in the landfill and I hate it, I have always been a “green” person…(I even re-use my plastic bags) yet never have tried it as a focus, a passion.. I have never become an AVID green person.. it is time to change. thank you (I think) now… where to find castille soap?

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  2. Yes Maggie…there is too much plastic everywhere now, even away from the landfill. It became impossible to ignore it anymore.

    For Castile soap, one option is to get it online. I wanted to avoid also the extra packaging that comes with a mail order…so in this page you can find in the “Store Locator” link places where you can buy it in your area (if you live in the United States…). In my location, the store with more variety of options was “TARGET”. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck! XO! 🙂


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