Pain and Small Victories

It was one hard week!

 …Between many hours in the job… dealing with my daughter’s school struggles and visiting (with a heavy heart) possible new schools for her… the unexpected death of my dearest patient (my sweet Rita…) … and the never stopping rain and glooming skies, once in a while brightened by thunders and lightning… It was a very bad week!

In weeks like these it’s easy to fall into the temptation of giving up on things or slaking on the goals you’ve been working on.

Many times I felt like ignoring my low-carb diet and dunk my face in a pile of pancakes… other times I felt the need to make things easier on myself by going ahead and buying processed foods or food options that were packed with plastic…

BUT…and because I had done some planning and prepping in the previous week, I was able to keep myself in track, taking breaks here and there to shed privately some tears.

Felling overwhelmed I still kept my food shopping free of plastic bags/packages. I even drove to a small farm to buy some beautiful eggs. Look at their colors! With beautiful pastel greens like these, I don’t thing we need to color eggs for Easter this year.  😉


 Made some more butter…


And because we ran out of Hellmann’s mayonnaise I made some homemade mayonnaise with one of the farm’s eggs.


We also ran out of paper napkins, so I made with leftover fabric our own fabric napkins.

It was a very hard week but, my goal of a more mindful approach to food consumption and garbage production in our household was kept on track… and so was my diet.


Today is Friday. It still rains and the sky is still grey…but Time is a good friend. Time softens the edges, it Heals the pain… everything feels much better today:

…My sweet daughter found her “big girl’s voice” and defended herself from her class “frenemies”… I reached my goal weight of 120 pounds… And I’m having this weekend off and will start it celebrating by eating some bread… like this!

A fish sandwich! Cod Fish my husband caught in Cape Cod. I haven’t had any kind of bread in so long!! – Beer Battered Cod Fish Sandwich with Homemade mayonnaise. …It’s the little things!


IMG_1172 (2)


After a week like this I really deserve  “a pat on the back”… I’m putting on some pajamas and enjoying this sandwich in bed, alone, while watching the news of the world.


Tomorrow I’ll go back to my diet… Tomorrow I’ll also share the recipe for the homemade mayonnaise and instructions for the napkins. But for today… it’s Good Night and Happy Weekend!

Homemade mayonnaise recipe next – Homemade Mayonnaise

7 thoughts on “Pain and Small Victories

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  2. Hi serodiodebora! I too have started a low carb diet and I so feel your pain about the week you have had and the stress it has caused! I am a teacher and the end of the school year is always a stress and on top of that we have construction going on in the building with lots of rain and gloomy skies! Sorry to hear your week was rough!

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    • Thank you Anna. I hope all goes well with you… just a few more weeks and it will be Summer Vacation 🙂 I love these two words! Can’t wait for Summer, and beach, and camping… and not having to help my daughter with homework! 🙂


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