The Bag Lady… It takes courage.

Happy first day of Spring!!

As a first day of Spring post I’ll show-off the very “Springlike” fabric bags I made with fabric scraps I have saved from previous crafts.


In my efforts of reducing the amount of waste and garbage produced when shopping and preparing meals, I am now buying my assortment of beans and rice package-free in Portugalia Market Place. Unfortunately, by their rustic Labeled barrels of dry grains, dry vegetables, nuts and chocolates, they offer only plastic bags to collect your selection… But in less than 40 minutes I had this problem solved and moved an extra step forward to a more mindful approach to food shopping.

 1380383_419645281469704_189889158_n (2)


Portugalia Market Place




I now keep these bags and other bigger ones in the car all time… When driving home after work, if I need to stop anywhere to get some last-minute items to prepare dinner, I’m prepared.

It also serves as I reminder to look for food-options package-free… Instead of getting the pre-bagged 5 pounds of potatoes, I’ll just pick potatoes from the big pile and bag it in my own bags.

But let me tell you, it takes some courage to bring to the register non-plastic bags…I keep the bags open until the register weights the item. You never know how the register will react… some people find everything fascinating… others find everything annoying. It takes some courage to be the lady with the colorful cotton bags on a waiting line of clear plastic bags. It is not easy baby-steps. …it will become easier eventually.

Like everything else, doing the right thing takes time, and determination, and courage, and planning. I’m trying to keep myself motivated, just focusing in my little successes… like this: In this line-up of dried grains in the picture under, I avoided 2 plastic bags of rice, 2 plastic bags of dry navy beans, 4 cans of cooked garbanzo beans, 3 cans of cooked kidney beans, and probably 2 plastic bags to carry it all back home. And while doing so, I also saved some money…


And, whenever I need cooked beans or garbanzo beans, I’ll just leave it in the slow cooker with water overnight in low (6 to 8 hours).



6 am – Cooked garbanzo beans ready for a salad to pack for lunch to work, on the first day of Spring 2017.


3 thoughts on “The Bag Lady… It takes courage.

  1. I love this idea! I’ve recently started buying more items in bulk at my co-op, and have been sad about using those plastic bags and containers. This inspires me to sew some of my own bags to use for my shopping trips. Thanks!

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