Labor and Love at a “Dead End” Road



Back again to continue the description of our trip, struggles, and finds as we tried to decide the future of our long time empty and “abandoned” house in Azores.


One of the many views of the house, through the overgrown vegetation.

Nature is always welcoming, and even so vegetation was overgrown, it was luscious and inviting. But that same felling was not carried into the house when we crossed the doorstep. The presence of moist and  mildew in the air we breath… the absence of a clean surface to lean on… the overwhelming amount of clutter collected over a 50+ years time period. As the night approached we felt more and more uncomfortable and our Desire to “nest” in the house decreased.

To give the illusion of coziness, flowers were picked in the gardens, I unpacked the very few items I had brought in the luggage for the home… clean sheets and bed pillows, curtains and throw blankets, candles and soaps…

(When Nesting Elsewhere)

We also tried to fire up the fireplace in the first night, but all the smoke was pushed in into the living room… So we poked out the fire, scrambled for old candles in the house, and lighted up the fireplace again… It was surprisingly warming.

The illusion was created and the improvement was appreciated by my daughter and husband…But it was clear that a lot of decluttering and cleaning and disinfecting was urgent for the next day in order for us to feel at home and in order to evaluate the state, damage, and need-of-repairments of the home structure.

We arrived in a Sunday… Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays where the days the Town’s Garbage Truck would pick up trash… and in every one of the days during our 2 weeks stay, I carried rubbish out of the house and set it up outside of our gate. This is more or less how it looked the dead-end road taken to our property on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


We left the island on a Thursday… The last garbage pick up was done the previous night, late Wednesday night… Thursday morning when we were carrying the luggage to the car, I notice that all that was left behind by the Garbage Truck was a piece of one of my daughter’s old toy she used to learn the alphabet when she was 2 years old… “H” for “Heart”.


This finding and this image was a clear metaphor of what I had learned in my two weeks stay at the house.

In our pursue of  a future with no regrets., LABOR was The Road Taken to find out our true fellings about the house and its future . We previously thought the story had reached the end of the road… But we found Love again… and we found a new project.

This home has our hearts… and we belong in its future.


The “heart”, now in display in the Entrance Hall of the house.

(Still to come… more stories about the house and our trip)


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