Bite, Yank, Jiggle… Pull that fish!!


In the mist of all the work ahead of us, we took one day off for fishing. Set the bait in each hook… launch the line far out into the ocean…and wait. In Azores you don’t have to wait very long.

You sense a fish bite, you give it a yank, you feel the fish Jiggle as it attempts to get free from its “trap”…You got a fish!! Now pull that fish!!!

In a steady rhythm you pull the fishing rod, roll the line into the reel…pull the rod, roll the line…until you see your catch rising from the waters.

Fishing is so exciting! … except unhooking the fish. I can do most of the tasks from attaching the bait to the hook until presenting a cooked fish on a dish… except to unhook the fish. The struggle as I attempt to free the hook from the fish’s mouth it’s too much for me. Too much jiggling and slapping fins and stinky splashing. My attempts usually result in the fish freeing himself and slap away off the dock into the ocean, followed by my storm of “F” words… like “F”ish… 😉

So I pass the hooked fish to my husband.

When I cooked that fish I was glad to notice, and now sad to remember (as I just returned to the United States), that no fish in the States can compare with the delicious fish caught in Azores.

And, as in the old days, this meal was simply seasoned with our land’s very unique lemons. Now, because of the property being overtaken by vegetation (as I mentioned in the  previous post), these lemons were harder to catch than the fish… Like Tarzan and Jane in the jungle, it was an adventure and a painful challenge for my husband and I to reach the tree. Can you spot one of our lemon trees in the next picture???


…Let me zoom in for you…



They are tinny, in vibrant orange color, with an intense aroma, filled with juice. The best lemons in the world and I have never seen them anywhere else but in this island – Sao Jorge Island, Azores, Portugal. It is called “Wild Lemons”. Very appropriate name, I must agree.

And here’s the result…the best meal I had in our trip to Azores.

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