Waiting Forever


The bench with a view waiting…

I always remember having this strong attraction for places where nature over the years conquers and takes over men made structures. As a child I would even get into houses abandoned by families who emigrated overseas… I would not damage or rummage through things… I would just stay silent and still contemplating and absorbing the atmosphere of these spaces taken over by the elements through the passing of time. To most people these spaces seemed Arid and uninviting… But to me they were intriguing, like old books.

Two weeks ago the abandoned house I “invaded” used to be my playground. My childhood home.

When we (my husband and our daughter) arrived to our long time “abandoned” home in Azores, we were greeted by a garden overtaken by vegetation and a home overtaken by mildew.

In every corner of the property we felt excited and overwhelmed with this welcoming felling that we were awaited forever.

No words can describe it and no picture can capture it…the turmoil of emotions when arriving after so many years to a place you had never left.


Countless books waiting to be read…


One hundred and twenty something steps of the gardens, waiting for footsteps…


Over two hundred vinyl records waiting to be played…


The fish tank with no fish, waiting…


The family portraits…


The windows peeking through…

…And the sweet aromas, the familiar sounds and echoes…

I am many things…and I am also and still  the places I lived in.

More than the house I grew up  many, not always happy, years ago… This is still me.

Note – A lot of intense labor followed the days after these pictures where taken. This is how the “story” of this trip began – Hopefully, to a future with no regrets.

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