When Nesting Elsewhere


Today I started the shopping and packing for our annual Winter trip… departing in less than 8 days!

Living in Massachusetts, the air we breath tends to be dry every season of the year… And because of it,  whenever we travel to a less dry part of the country or part of the world, we will notice this unpleasant aroma of mildew and the sense of moist that most of the locals in the region will not notice. Even their Clean towels and linens will feel damp and smelling odd to our senses. So, I learned to always carry in our luggage our own bedsheets and bed pillows, a spray bottle of “Febreze Fabric Freshener”, and a variety of aromatic candles. This improved immensely our sense of comfort when traveling.



Today’s Shopping

Also, because I prefer to pay less for a room with the bare essentials and pay more instead for new experiences and local tours, I always book low budget accommodations. And so, prior to our trip, I pack in my luggage those Little Things that will make our restful nights feel a bit more “luxurious”… like a variety of different soap bars, a couple of throw blankets… I prefer to pack less clothes and do laundry more frequently, and use the extra luggage space available to pack some items that might not seem important but  proved year after year to make a difference.

Because any dingy bathroom with an aromatic candle burning paired with bowl displaying an assortment of bar soaps, becomes a “Spa”… To a bedroom with your own sheets and pillows, if added to its side table a vase of fresh cut flowers (bought at local markets or picked by myself …) and an aromatic candle, it becomes a “Retreat”… Any couch or chair, if layered with a throw blanket, it’s a “nest” for reading or star gazing.

After a day of adventures, some self pampering and nesting is much needed, in any part of the world.

(some pictures of our “adventures” last Winter, 2016 – Cancun, Mexico)

This odd packing of mine is even more relevant this time.  https://itsthelittlethingsserodio.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/hopefully-to-a-future-with-no-regrets/  A wintery vacation to Azores, Portugal. Our accommodations – The very empty and long time “abandoned” home of my childhood.

We were told the house was falling apart… furniture and electric wires rotten by humidity and abandonment… moist drips down the walls…  no electricity… no water.

In the month of January, with our decision of revisiting the house, and with the help of a good friend in the island of Sao Jorge, new electric system was installed, water was once again redirected through the pipes, and with this a few discoveries… little “miracles”: The washing machine still works…The water heater still works… The oven still works… The fridge still works!!!  “Miracles”, I tell you!!!

To my shopping list I added this time new window curtains,  a few decorative pillow cases, and a new shower curtain.

This year our adventures will have less adrenaline and more labor – Install new carpets, repair cabinets, Clean the gardens, Clean the gutters, Clean the brick oven, Clean the fireplace chimney. A labor of love! Excitement fills our hearts.

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