One Cannot Really Help Anyone

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I used to have the very bad habit of trying to help everyone that seemed to be somehow “stuck” in life. I did it too many times and learned I cannot really help anyone. I learned that usually people who are ”stuck” in life are there by option, even if inconsciently.  – They sabotage their own chances in life. …And no matter what I do or how hard I try to help, they sabotage my efforts too!

One can not really help anyone… One can only show understanding and support whenever someone in struggle decides to help themselves. I made peace with that lesson too.

Conventional Wisdom

8 thoughts on “One Cannot Really Help Anyone

    • Absolutely…this reminds me of my arguments with my husband. It always starts like this: 1 I complain about feeling overwhelmed about something… 2 My husband assumes I am complaining that he does not help me enough and reacts by complaining how hard his work is too, and how I kind of have no reason to complaint…3 And I hear his response as if he is criticizing me for not taking-on as so much as him… 4 I retaliate back by explaining how much harder my life is than his… NO ONE WINS!!
      It would all be “squashed” if in #2 he just said “I understand how you feel…it sucks!” . THE END. 🙂

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  1. It would be hard for me to continue as a physician if I agreed with this. However, I only work with people who come to me for that help. If they are not my patient and it’s not in clinic, it would not be appropriate for me to take the doctor role…..

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    • Being myself a Certified Nurse Assistant I know what you mean…helping is in the nature of my job. One of the reasons why I love my job so much is exactly because it allows be to exercise my old habit of trying to help others. But once away from my job and “scope of practice”, I see others’ need for help in a different light…and evaluate my involvement with a different mindset.

      Also, when I say “stuck in life” it is not as if “stuck-in-a-highway-with-no-gas” kind of struggle…of course I will go to the next gas station get fuel and bring it back to the one in need. I mean “stuck” in life as if in an “abusive relationship”, stuck in debt, stuck in a bad combination of prescription meds or substance abuse… stuck in a “dead-end” job or “dead-end” unhappy place…

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