How far will they go?

via Daily Prompt: Oversight

When camping I don’t pack much but some things can never be left behind…my seasonings for cooking, my camera, a few books, paints and brushes…




Whatever I collect in the campground’s areas I paint it… I keep one as a souvenir for us and sell the rest as a souvenir to others from the campgrounds we stayed.



The day before I leave the campground I set up a small table outside with a “For Sale” sign, display the painted rocks, and go for a hike or a bicycle ride. Campers enjoy simple crafts and simple things, but tend to be shy. …So usually a few oversight minutes is all the time needed for my painted rocks to find new RVs/trailers to ride “home”. When I return to our campsite, all that is left on the small table is a lonely “Piggybank” stuffed with coins and a few dollar bills, and a big smile on my face. “How far will they go?”


Every time on that same day, or the next day, someone will come to my campsite and ask if I will be painting some more…they regretted they didn’t buy more to gift some friends back home…or regretted they were not fast enough to buy any at all.


And these rocks that once rolled on the beaches of Westport… a little paint was all it took and off they go! …to places I’ll never go…and stories I’ll never know.

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