The Infinite Times We Choose Love.

via Daily Prompt: Infinite

Because loving implies making choices Infinite times… you can choose love or choose to skip that opportunity.

Love is…a path in the snow.



Even so he does not have to leave the house, even so I didn’t ask him to drive me to work at 6.30am, he will still get up before me, and warm up the car, and clean it from all the snow, and shovel a path all the way back to our porch door…

…and even so I had worked Saturday, and was going to work double shift Sunday, and miss all the fun of a snowy weekend at home with my family… I walked that path on the snow with a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eyes. I felt loved and lucky and grateful… and I took a picture to save it for the days that are not so easy to remember “what love is”.

 Love is… an extra cup of coffee.1504365_805772822781858_2103492310_o

Being a Certified Nursing Assistant in a Nursing Home comes with an extra set of challenges on snow days. This morning staff arrived in very bad mood because of the snow and the cars… when they realized some workers called out and the ones that came to work had an extra-extra load of duties ahead of them, they grouched  even more and woke up their assigned residents to the sound of complains and comments about how much work they had, and how cold it was, and how much snow, and how miserable Winters are in New England.

Our facility is privileged with gorgeous big windows in every room and hall. I woke up each of my residents by opening the big curtains and saying – “Look how beautiful it is! Isn’t the snow just gorgeous today?”. Their eyes became brighter and their smiles bigger as they looked almost surprised to see such big amounts of snow flakes falling so peacefully in front of their windows. When I brought their trays of breakfast, I made sure “my ladies” were facing the windows.

When it was time to pick up their trays, and as I walked to each room, I found “my ladies” holding their cups of coffee with a smile looking out their windows. They were happy and felt at peace.

Instead of picking up the trays, I offered each of them a second round of warm coffee and let them enjoy the view a bit longer.

I had a very hard-work day today but, as I prepared dinner for my family, I felt happy with the memory of those smiles gazing out the window holding warm cups of coffee.

 Love is… a home cooked meal.


Tonight, a “sheet-pan-dinner” of roasted shrimp and roasted broccoli. Because no matter how long was the day, to present to my family a healthy meal prepared by me is still my most important daily task, and yet another opportunity to say “I love you… I’ll  take care of you… always”.

I can not do everything… but I can put love in everything I do.

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