15 thoughts on “Seafood Shack sign in Galilee, RI.

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  2. I’m a designated driver whenever we go out for “that.” Camping is fun. I don’t do that too much but my daughter and her husband do that regularly. They just went on a cross country skiing for New Year’s Eve with some friends as their tradition. In September, they went to Zion National park for canyoning and rock climbing. Part of the trip was camping. It’s good to have kids to do that, helping to set up the tent…good relationship building….

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  3. I love it when Buck and I take road trips and have a chance to see all kinds of signs that businesses or even individuals create. Often (like this one) has hilarious results. Your “models” are adorable.

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  4. My wife and I race motorcycles on the New England circuit, and sometimes we have events held in the Glouster and West Warwick areas. Next time we go I’m definitely driving down to see if that sign is still there. Although, I’m not letting my wife have any of that beer. She does just fine in that department without any help, thank you. πŸ™‚

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