Hopefully, to a future with no regrets.

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 In the “big-picture”, it is the little things that shape our minds and move our hearts to new “destinations”.


Our New Year ’s Eve was with Fireworks, and Pajamas, and Good Food. We had Peace, and Health, and Each other. Me, my husband and daughter, my parents and brother.

We transitioned to the new year with some problems solved…other problems still need to work on… sure that we have important work to be done and decisions to be made in 2017.

The eternal battle between “holding on to the things you love” and the need to “simplify life” goes on.

Some news we’ve received in December made it clear we can no longer postpone some decisions in regards to our beloved, “very-empty” and in “desperate-need-of-repairs”, house in Portugal. Restore or Sell?

Everything seemed easier before Christmas: “We’ll sell the house in Portugal and with the profit, payoff our mortgage in the United States”. Perfect!!!

But then, someone in the Portuguese island where the house is located got as a Christmas gift a drone…and has been since then posting in YouTube daily areal videos of the island… and with every post of his, a new notification in my email box… an invitation to visit memory land… a trip to my childhood and most of my life. And the clear decision became very blurry!

One thing I am very happy to have transitioned to the new year is… Leftovers!!! There will be no cooking today while we’ll do a lot of eating and thinking, as I book online our plane tickets to a solution. Hopefully, to a future with no regrets.


11 thoughts on “Hopefully, to a future with no regrets.

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