Not Today…!


Today was not a good day for Fishing!

Today boats were covered in their backyards and fishermen were plowing through the white waves  on their sidewalks.


Today you won’t smell the salty breeze of the ocean…the blown sand of the dunes.

Today fishermen spread salty sand on their houses’ slippery front steps.


Today you won’t see a fish in the sea or even a bird on the tree.

Because today the world around us stopped for the snow.


“Tuesday the weather will be better for some Fishing“… said my husband, a fishermen of all seasons… but not today.




9 thoughts on “Not Today…!

    • Thank you so much! Fishing is his passion (he’s a landscaper). Today was the last day he took his boat out for fishing near Block Island. First day of Winter and still he got some mackerel fish and had a great time…but says the ocean is getting too rough and the fish is moving away from New England and into warmer waters. I gutted and pan fried for dinner the last fish of the season…until next year. 🙂

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