Broken Heart… Merry Ending.

via Photo Challenge: Anticipation


Eleven years olds, in pretty dresses, ready for their first violin performance. Just one song – “I Wish You a Merry Christmas”. They will be playing their violins while the entire school, students and staff, will sing along to their sounds. It’s the final act of the School’s Christmas Performance for Families and Community – Christmas 2016.

Four hours before this moment, I was shopping and received a phone call from the school. I was asked to go to the school… I was informed that at the end of the final rehearsal, and during the commotion of many students leaving the stage holding instruments and music papers… my daughter’s violin fell on the ground… off the stage… it bounced several times… it broke in 3 pieces. My daughter was in tears, devastated, heartbroken. Her adored violin broken!

In all the months we have been renting that music instrument for her school’s Violin Lessons, no one was allowed to play it. My husband asked if he could give it a try…” No! It is very fragile and important to me.” Best friend would come over and ask to give it a try… “No! Too fragile. Sorry…”

In the hours that followed that phone call: Drive to the school to give my daughter comforting hugs and assure her that everything would be taken care in time. Pick up the broken instrument. Drive to the Music Shop. The rental broken violin had to be paid in full, $450 dollars + unknown amount to repair it. A new violin was rented. Drive back to school. Drop violin back stage for violin teacher to prepare instrument… give a reassuring “Thumbs Up” to my daughter and drive us home.

…Pretty dress was ironed… golden hair was curled into soft waves…and rush back to the school where the violin teacher awaited my daughter for a private practice to get her used to the new instrument before performance.

And here we are…at the moment of this photo, in Anticipation.

Two hours later… It was the most beautiful and moving “I Wish You a Merry Christmas” of all times! Specially to us, her parents. Specially after the obstacles of the last hours. Specially because so much HEART was put into it every step of the way.

(Pretty Girl on the left with red violin… my daughter Amber)


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