You Will Never Miss… A Christmas Card From Me.


This year Christmas Card. Took a picture while my daughter and her friend decorated our Christmas Tree. Snap, print, fold for a “no fuss” but still personal Christmas Card.

It seems people today  believe that a text message on Facebook, or being tagged in a picture, or simply to make a “like” in someone’s post, can substitute all the “old-fashioned” ways of keeping in contact with someone.  I am not one of those. I still think the absence of a phone call, not making an effort to meet up for a coffee, not ever being available to accept an invitation, it means disregard towards  my friendship.

This obsession with Virtual Social Networks is reflected in many details of our lives…like the Christmas Cards. They are now posted online for everyone to “like” as a form of confirming “Christmas Card was received”. The Post Office cards are delivered later and later each year… and much fewer cards than the year before.

I was raised in a time and in an island where Christmas decorations were mostly homemade. Christmas Cards were the most exciting decoration. So many, from so far, displayed everywhere: on top of doilies on every flat surface, on window sills, on top of the fridge, under the Christmas tree…

I remember dusting furniture in the Holidays Season was complicated: …remove all the cards into a pile, dust the wood furniture, then open every card and place them standing up, while trying to fix their edges that became curved due to the Winter’s moisture in the island… many times collapsing like a domino effect. Do it again…


The first homemade card my daughter ever made…at the age of 4.

I do try to simplify Christmas more and more every year…but one thing you will never miss is a Christmas Card from me. I keep it simple but personal…we make our own Christmas cards and send them out with pride.

Also with pride I hang up every card we received…lately every card we received in the last few years. Because they become so few, I’ve been saving the cards to be used in future Christmas.


To all of you, near and far, may your Christmas be blessed with Love, Peace and Joy.

…and good food, great friends and memorable happy stories… and specially, Good Health.

Missing Christmas Cards

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