Relax For A Second!

via Photo Challenge: Relax

Since I got married and became a mother, my body or my mind is constantly organizing and tidying up!!.. either the mess caused  by the previous event, or the prepping necessary for the next event.

My “relaxed” moments became just seconds here and there…so fast and so short that I seem to need to take pictures in order to retain that feeling a bit longer …many times I will only sense the relaxation provided by that moment when editing its picture hours or days later.

A Clean House



My bathroom soap plates


…When I clean the house, the last room to clean is the bathroom…last step is to open packages of never-used-before soaps and position them in clean plates. At this picture I relax and enjoy a clean house (for the few seconds it will take until someone comes in and messes it all up).

A Cooked Meal



My husband enjoying stuffed clams and grilled corn.


…A relaxed homemade meal ready to be eaten and  enjoyed…(seconds before I go clean up the kitchen and wash pans and dishes resulted of this meal).

Happy Kids



My daughter and her friend on a big float…tied to my beach chair…pulled by the current.


…Relax (before the kids have yet another request…).

But I’m surrounded by all and everyone I need. I’m content and self-confident… I carry peace within me. Relaxed and undisturbed.


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