“Mushroom and Cheese Croissants” – The Bus Ride

via Discover Challenge: Mind the Gap

…Between here and there…now and then…space and time. “Mind the Gap”.


When at the age of 14 years old I had to move out of my parents house to attend high school in another island two plane connection flights away, many of the phone conversations with my mother were about recipes of my favorite dishes from home. – I had learned that the fastest away to travel back to somewhere you love was through food.

Since then I have replicated many recipes of different places and times of my life. Takes me a few attempts to ” Mind the Gap ” and get it right, but when I succeed, it is my plane ticket to places that may no longer exist and times I can no longer go back to.

At the age of 19 years old, when I lived in Lisbon, too many times I dared to take a bus at night to the “Amoreiras Shooping” (at that time, the only mall in the city), walk to the food court and wait in a long line of people just to order these “Mushroom and Cheese Croissants”. Waited even longer for my number to be called announcing my flaky-gooey-buttery-warm croissant was ready to be picked up, and then… it was pure DELIGHT! … After, walk back to the bus stop and wait all by myself in the dark for my ride home.

I haven’t gone back to Lisbon since forever… but that bus ride is now just one bite away! So, here I go… bye-bye… and good night!

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