“Brandy 1920”, Burning in Flames

If you set on fire a glass of “Brandy 1920” you won’t be able to see it burning…only in  darkness you will observe its blue flame. How do I know this??

…I know this because it is a tradition in our home every November 11th to cook Portuguese sausage on Brandy flames.

November 11th is Saint Martins day… it is celebrated in every Portuguese heritage home with wines and liquors and chestnuts. It is all about traditional foods, lots of drinking, laughs and good friends.

But in our home we do not drink alcohol…some for medical reasons, other for solidarity to the non-drinkers. And so the only alcohol in our Saint Martin’s dinner is the slow roasting of chorizo (Portuguese sausage) on Brandy flames.

Like an enormous “Antipasto Platter”, I set up the table with a variety of Portuguese delicacies… everyone nibbles and eats different cheeses and “Pâtés”, breads, yams and chestnuts, while they await for a portion of the roasted chorizo, sizzling at the center of the table on the Portuguese clay grill fueled by “Brandy 1920”. This is the entrée I display every year.


dscn9469  dscn9494


After the entrée comes the main dishe…every year something different…last night was “Portuguese Pork Alentejana” (a stir fry of pork, clams and potatoes).

For dessert, I gave up on preparing heavy deserts… everyone is so full by that time and my desserts always ended up most of it in my fridge for days…and in my thighs for months. Now, we end the meal with Portuguese Custard Tarts, Portuguese commercial cookies, coffee and tea.



This was our Saint Martins dinner… a Portuguese tradition lived last night in our United States home.


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