My “Farewell” to Fall 2016


Today I did not cook… I didn’t even fixed the beds… I don’t think I brushed my teeth or combed my hair. I had clear Priorities!!! I got off of bed and informed my daughter “Let’s go!”…and asked my mother “Are you ready…?”.

Fall’s colors have been overwhelmingly beautiful this year!! Due to my work schedule I only have two weekends off per month, and so I knew this weekend was my last chance to enjoy a Fall hike if I wanted to do so with some remaining leaves on the trees.

Copicut Woods was our destiny… and we got lost so many times!!

But we found so much more!!


When we finally found our way back, we still had enough daylight time for a new destiny… Dighton Rock State Park.

The trip back home was glorious too and ended with a hot meal at our neighborhood diner – 609 Locust Street Kitchen.

The day is over and tonight we will turn back the clock 1 hour. It is the end of the “Daylight Savings Time” 2016.

Starting tomorrow, days will be a whole lot smaller. And judging by the snowfall effect of leaves blowing in the breeze during our hike, my next weekend off will look a whole lot like Winter. Goodbye Beautiful! Even if we are still a month away from Winter’s official first day, today feels like the last day of Fall 2016.


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