Hygge… Happy Birthday.





I have adopted the concept for several years but only a few months ago I found its name – Hygge.

Hygge has no translation in the English dictionary and its definition is hard to explain. But “google” the word and you will find yourself ditching your “to do” list and sipping a cup of hot chocolate while reading a book laying in the couch with fuzzy socks on…even if it is a Summer day out! Confused?? You didn’t googled it yet??! Here goes one of many links to “help” you out – http://www.mnn.com/family/family-activities/blogs/how-hygge-can-help-you-get-through-winter

I have planed and hosted many birthday parties in my 12 years of marriage, and invested long hours in preparations specially in my daughter’s birthdays. They were creative and fun and somewhat chaotic as you would expect from any gathering containing more than 2 children… but in the mist of all the noise it was hard to connect with each guest. I found myself not spending any time at all with my daughter while prepping and hosting the event… I missed her.

I think 10 years of big parties is enough! Time to change! My preteen needs a new birthday tradition for the next 10 years of birthdays. I need it too…and no better time to start but in her eleventh birthday!

The time and money I used to spend in prepping the birthday party it is now spent traveling. For her eleventh birthday we took my daughter for the first time to New York city. She LOVED IT!!!  And on the day she turned eleven we had a intimate cozy homemade meal and a homemade cake. Guests? …just my parents, my brother and her very best friend. A very HYGGE birthday. The best one ever! Happy Birthday my dear!

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