BOO…Happy Halloween!


Probably my last Halloween class gift… I truly have been enjoying making through the years class gifts for my daughter’s class. Seasons have changed…we have changed schools too… and even when it was difficult to find the time I always sent to school Halloween, Christmas and Easter class gifts. But this year is the last year in elementary school. With middle school approaching, I find myself sadly saying goodbye to many things…class gifts too.

As usually, easy and fun and affordable is my approach. I also prefer them to be “sugar free”… So here was my idea – “Creepy Eyes Watching You…BOO”…after all, it is fifth graders…they like creepy. If it was a first grade class, instead of “BOO” I would probably use “PEEK-A-BOO”.

I ordered online funny cardboard glasses at Amazon ( I didn’t have much time to create a bag topper and so I looked for free printable Halloween bag toppers online… found these ones – After that, some cardboard and treat bags and some extra time…

I found in my “craft’s scraps” box some googly eyes left from last year. Not enough for gifts for an entire class of 5th graders, but enough for my daughter to share with her cousins when they go out trick-or-treating on Halloween’s night. I love how the googly eyes in the dark background look…creepy!! I wish I had thought of this before and I would have bought hundreds of sticky eyes for the class’ gifts. Oh well… maybe YOU can do that next year!! Right?!


For the class I just wrote in the background red cardboard card “I’ll Be Watching you…”… still creepy, right?! At least it creeps ME out!! lol!


Have fun! I sure did have lots of fun making these and I think it will be a hit with our fifth graders. I’ll let you know latter…

Happy Halloween! I’ll be watching you……………………….

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