Simple Homemade Valentine Cards


Time again to create some Valentine’s Day cards/gifts for my daughter’s class.

I personally like cards/gifts that are homemade. It also has to be affordable, thoughtful, easy and I want to avoid candies and chocolates…

When I saw these heart shaped balloons  I immediately thought it was perfect for a Valentine’s Card. Being a 3rd grade class  with kids 8 years old and older, it is now safe to give balloons.  Every kid likes balloons!!! I do too…!

I have no ink in my printer, so I bought at the same store sticker labels to write “Happy Valentine’s Day!”… I also got ribbon, double sided tape and textured blue cardstock . Used a couple of crayons from my daughter’s craft box to draw some clouds in the blue background. What I did after is pretty self-explanatory just by looking at the pictures:

– cut the cardstock in  3.5″ x 8.5” size rectangle, made a small slit to pass the balloon through it, tied a bow, glued with tape the top of the balloon in the front of the card and the bottom of the balloon in the back of the card, drew clouds and glued sticker. My daughter loved it! One done, 27 more to go…

I spent $0.53 in each card. Perfect! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!  ♥


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